About Us

NEF Informatics Technologies was founded in 2011 on the goal of making rapidly developing new technologies a part of daily life. Since its inception, it has begun to develop quality display systems and control systems that address specific areas of use. In addition to these systems, NEF developed a variety of special projects, such as simulation environments, analysis and evaluation systems, intelligent objects.

What We Do?

Nef control system provides control of all electrical and electronic equipment inside your vehicle over the platforms it is on.

You can control all parts of your car, such as curtains, seats, drawers and dividers, without any restrictions.

The comfort level of your car is now in your control. You can fully control the level of your ambiance lights, the severity of the massage, the heat of the environment.

With a single system you can control your TV, music system, camera and satellite controls, and you can stop the remote control conflict.

You can provide sound communication between the driver and the passenger in the car in the cruising situation while protecting the safety and privacy.

Control is entirely in your hands! You can control all the systems in the vehicle from multiple small screens to single large screen.

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You Can Choose Your Mode With a Button

Sleep Mode, Meeting Mode, Guest Mode, Play Mode

What You Can Control?

Windows, doors, lighting, curtains, drawers, seats, TV, stereo, coffee machine, safe.

Why Us?

Innovative products produced by NEF Information Technologies in high standards of writing from hardware in interactive smart displays and intelligent vehicle technologies are used in 24 countries of the world.

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