Project Description

Motor Control Unit 6 Channels

The device is powered by DC 12-24V. When this voltage is supplied through the power socket, Power Led will light up. The Vip Control System for communication connection of the device is made to the communication (RS485) cable A and B cable to RS485 terminal. The motor drive is used to drive the DC motor. 1. 15A motor connections can be made to the channel while 10A motor connections are allowed in other channels. Motor driving is done using relays. You can request datasheet information about used relays at our company.

Optically isolated digital inputs are available for all motors. These inputs are located on the device as wired. These inputs are activated when the feeder touches the GND side of the feeder. There are two inputs for each channel. One of these allows the motor to be driven forward and the other to be driven backwards. As long as the digital inputs are active, the engine will drive on that side.

There is also a current control in the system. You can adjust these current levels with trimpots for each channel. The motors control the motor current according to this current control after 200ms from the start of operation; if the current level is above the set level, the motor turns off the power. This current control is not taken into account for the first 200ms since the motors will draw high current at start-up.

Vip Control Systems with 6 motor drives on the engine unit. This is called every motor drive channel. 1. The canal allows higher motors to be driven.


Connection Scheme

  1. Power Input
  2. Power Led
  3. Busy Led
  4. RS485 Input
  5. Digital Input
  6. Address setting Switches
  7. Engine Connections
  8. Current Settings