Project Description

Relay Unit 9 Channels

The Relay unit is functioning as a switch for the external equipment you want. The first 28 channels numbered 1-28 can perform a switching operation with a maximum of 4Amperes. Channels 29, 30 and 31 can be used for switching external devices that draw currents up to 8 amps.
There are 8 optically isolated digital inputs that allow you to toggle the first eight relays of the relay unit. These inputs are located on the device as wired. These inputs are activated when the supply touches the GND side of the supply and close the relay if it is open, and open it if it is closed. If you provide information during your order to use these external inputs, the cables will be extracted accordingly.

The relay unit is a Vip Control Systems device with 31 relays. These relays are called channels.


Connection Scheme

  1. Power Input
  2. Power Led
  3. Busy Led
  4. RS485 Input
  5. Digital Input
  6. Address setting Switches
  7. Relay Contact Connectors